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Medicare Advantage
(Also known as Medicare Part C)

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans are Medicare-approved, but offered by private insurers. These Medicare plans combine hospital costs, doctors' visits, outpatient care, and often Part D prescription drug benefits into one plan. Some plans may also offer vision, dental, hearing and/or health and wellness programs at an extra cost.

Medicare Part C

More About Medicare Advantage (Part C)

  • These plans often require you to pay copays
  • The doctors and hospitals you go to are usually a part of a network
  • You may also need a referral to see a specialist

Medicare Part C Pays:

  • Fixed dollar amount for covered services

You Pay:

  • Part B premium and depending on your plan:
    • Part A premium
    • Part C premium (some plans have low or no premium)
    • Copayments and Coinsurance
    • Deductibles

Glossary of Terms

Coinsurance: A kind of cost sharing where costs are split on a percentage basis. For example, Medicare Part B pays about 80% and you pick up the rest.

Copayment: A kind of cost sharing where you pay a pre-set, fixed amount for each service. Sometimes called "copay."

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The Basics of Medicare Insurance Explained

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